(Back From The) Road Lyrics by BROCKHAMPTON is the Brand New English Song from the album “The Family“. Kevin Abstract has sung this Latest English Song,while (Back From The) Road Song Lyrics are penned by Kevin Abstract and Ryan Yoo, with Music produced by boylife, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 17th of November 2022.

(Back From The) Road Lyrics – BROCKHAMPTON

Back When We Was Still Outside (Yeah)
Church Next Door, We Couldn’t Afford A Tie
I Was Only 19, I Was Down For The Ride (Woo)
Everything I Wanted On My Passenger Side (Yeah)

Embrace Who We Was, We Was Broke, We Was Live
We Would Sm0Ke, We Was High
We Would Smile Just To Grind
And Fighting To Survive, Just To Get Ideas Out

When N!ggas Was Hungry, We Couldn’t Afford The Big House
N!ggas Was Scrawny, Somebody Break They Ribs Out
Fighting Over Meals, The Crib Was Not Aunt Viv’s House
Man, Press Photo With The Blue Couch
Now We Hit Each Other Just To Hang Out

Oh, Oh, Oh (I Know It Ain’t)
All That (I Know It Ain’t)
All That
Oh, Oh, Oh (I Know It Ain’t)
All That (I Know It Ain’t)
All That

It’s All Of Us Sitting There In The Living Room
I’m Like, “Fu*K It, Yo, This What We Finna Do
I Can’t Stand Seeing Us Not There
On The Big Screen With The Homies Here

We Know Once We Get That Shot
We Gone Push Limits And Never Look Back” (Yeah, Uh)
Fast-forward, Everything Feels Backwards
Everything Went Left At The Brit Awards

When I Decided Not To Show Up Or Show Support
’cause I Was Tryna Go Solo Before We Went On Tour (Come On)
Too Much Trauma For Me To Be At My Highest (Come On)
I Missed Ameer So Me And Dom Kept Fighting, Mm

He Almost Pushed Me Off The Edge (Edge)
But Honestly, I Shouldn’t’ve Said What I Said
I Shoulda Went To Therapy Instead
Started To Heal, That’s What We All Needed

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The Record Deal Wasn’t Helping Either (Come On)
That Merch Deal Ain’t Help Either (Come On)
It Gave Me More Money For Alcohol
I Guess Blowing Up Ain’t All That At All

Oh, Oh, Oh (I Know It Ain’t)
All That (I Know It Ain’t)
All That
Oh, Oh, Oh (I Know It Ain’t)
All That (I Know It Ain’t)
All That

Written by: Kevin Abstract & Ryan Yoo

(Back From The) Road Song Info:

Song: (Back From The) Road
Album The Family
Lead Vocalist: Kevin Abstract
Lyrics: Kevin Abstract & Ryan Yoo
Music: boylife
Release Date: 17th November 2022

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