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Song Info: Fuck Your Stunt Lyrics. The song name is which is sung by Cristale ft. Laa Lee.

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Hey Ladies Drop It Down Lyrics – Bananza

Fuck Your Stunt Lyrics

F*ck ya skunt
Bong bing
Come around fi a likkle
Song sing
Bro said he can’t trust these girls
No more cause she just wan see di long thing

Shoulder fi a fling
Dong ding
We fi play drunk ping pong ping
Me and a brown man did something sweet

Buh me left him innah street
Cah him seh di wrong ting
Daddy new shoes mi na bruck from it
Nah pure brand

Pon mommy skin mi nah bruck foreign (foreigner)
Stan up in a rich man shop
Dem fi run we cheque me nah bruck pocket

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Aye gyal, wah ya wantin?
Tell joe byron
Tek timing don‘t stop whining
Black belly up when a opp sliding

No face, no case
No stop the grinding
Pick up the girl and you start whining
Money affi mek

Non stop grinding
And di darg dem fresh
Don’t bad mind ting
Ah suh mi darg dem ah step

Dem roll in
Money affi mek dem trolling

Mi warn gyal ah step
Darg dem ah step
And nuff nuff gyal ah step, darg
Anywhere mi go mi na bruck foreigner

Darg dem fresh
Mi na bruck foreigner
Mommy house set
Mi na bruck foreigner

Daddy car fast
Mi na bruck foreigner
Mount can’t sleep
Mi na bruck foreigner

Face ah no toilet
Mi na bruck foreigner

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