Goal of the Century Lyrics Gang of Youths

Goal of the Century Lyrics Gang of Youths
Goal of the Century Lyrics Gang of Youths


Goal of the Century Lyrics Gang of Youths

Ah shit I know this one and I
I know it’s real
When I heard it on something
I levitated
It eviscerated me
I got the meaning of it
I got the feel
That shit was underrated I
Made a pact with myself
I made a deal
I’m the inexorable
Asshole in a Cuban heel

Thrown in the back of a rentacar
Right to the left of the superstar
Clyde the dependable shooting guard
Wait and find out
See what the undercard
Is about

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You wanna go where the light is?
Make the bastards say your name?
You wanna sing the exalted
‘Til nothing but light remains?
You wanna stand high
In an open- hearted room?
You want a seat at the altar? Hey hey
Say the truth

You sing the verses and I
Repeat the tune
Gotta think it over
And I hesitate, I wanna make it true
I take a beating for it
It’s what I do
Nothing and everything

Schooled in the art of the overcast
Alive in the eyes of the underclass
Five in the morning
I’d only catch a way to come down
I’m pride of the overground

You wanna know what a life is?
Then you take it day by day
You wanna see it in motion?
The sum of a life contains
Every bad vibe
Every undivided groove
You wanna live in the open? Hey hey
Say the truth

There will be peace in the valley come
Riding the night train home
And you’ll leave and tip the valet and we’ll
Meet in the aftershow
Streets will sing it softly to me
And bathe in the outer glow
And head down I’m writing this shit out
On my phone
A way that I can talk to you
And reach you
I guess
I don’t know

There’s angels in silence
It’s warm in the islands
And Indy is growing
My brothers are calling

The Rabbits are chasing
Ricciardo is racing
And I’m making a living
And God is forgiving

And it’s six in the morning
And England is storming
My wife is asleep and
We’re thinking of children
I wish you could meet them
(Halle, Hallelu)

In a way it’ll feel like
You were an angel in real time

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