Made For Me To Love Lyrics

Song Details: Hey Jesus If You Got A Second Can I Bend Your Ear Song is sung by RaeLynn. The song name is Made For Me To Love Lyrics. The lyrics of the song are written by RaeLynn.

Made For Me To Love Lyrics
Made For Me To Love Lyrics

Made For Me To Love Lyrics

{Verse 1:}
When I watched those two pink lines arrive that Wednesday afternoon
It went from me just being me to me being me and you
And baby I just smile think bout your little eyes looking into mine
It’s crazy how it’s like

Like I already met ya
Already held ya
I knew that I loved you before I could tell ya
It was written in the stars
It was tattooed on my heart
You were always meant to be the one
Made for mе to love, o-oh
Made for me to lovе

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{Verse 2:}
Hey Jesus if you got a second can I bend your ear?
You know what’s in my heart that I just wanted you to hear
I don’t know how you do it but I’m so thankful that you do
I don’t need to see it to believe in you

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